Excavating Companies Near Me

Here is a list of some of our customer locations and a brief description of the work below.

Bark River, MI

Hannahville Indian Community – Excavation – Playground excavation work and hauled sand to the site.
Wilson Evergreens – Excavation – Driveway work and landscaping.

Carney, MI

Craig Kleikamp – Construction – Raise a garage roof that was built too low.
James Hilt – Excavation – Driveway work and gravel hauled to customer.
Kathy Markham – Excavation – Dug basement, backfilling, septic system, and landscaping.
Mike Nephew – Excavation – Land clearing.
Rick Mack – Excavation – Yard landscaping.
Steve Wery – Excavation – Foundation work for garage.

Cedar River, MI

Lance Collins – Excavation – Driveway foundation and cement work.
Tom Korntyed – Excavation – Septic system.

Cooks, MI

Lamar Advertising – Construction – Billboard sign construction.

Escanaba, MI

Flinn Landscaping – Excavation – Hauled customer topsoil.
Roy Ness – Excavation – Demolition of Elementary School.

Ford River, MI

Jim Schwake – Excavation – Hauled topsoil and mulch for a garden.

Hyde, MI

Cheniers Greenhouse – Excavation – Hauled topsoil for a customer.
David Hayes – Excavation – Road construction and hauled gravel to site.

Randville, MI

Mark Nelson Construction – Excavation – Digging basement and backfilling.

Sagola, MI

Camp Sagola – Excavation – Driveway work and concrete sidewalks.

Vulcan, MI

Dean Varda – Excavation – Hauled gravel to customer.

Wilson, MI

Chuck Thompson – Excavation – Driveway work and hauled sand & gravel to the site.
Jam Dam Wood Carving – Excavation – Hauled gravel to customer.
Kevin Webber – Excavation – Hauled sand and gravel to customer and manure away for customer.
Nancy Messersmith – Excavation – Driveway work and hauled sand & gravel to customer.
Wilson SDA School – Excavation – Excavation for gym expansion.